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Current studies indicate there are more than 20 suicides every day. 

Federalist Article

The VA Reveals its Suicide Statistic Included Active-Duty Troops


Our Active duty military isn't immune to Suicide.  They are included in the 20 Veterants committing suicide each day. Article

VA's Caregiver Program Still VA's Caregiver Program Still Dropping Veterans With Disabilities


Not only the Veterans need support... Much work is needed to improve what the families are going through.

National Public Radio Article

Incarcerated Information


Defying Stereotypes, Number Of Incarcerated Veterans In U.S. Drops 

The study from the Bureau of Justice Statistics is the first government report that includes significant numbers of veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Nationa Public Radio Article

Intervention Strategies - Suicide Graphic


Additional information about Suicides

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How to identify Suicidal Behavior


Statistics and Warning Signs

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