We are looking for people that feel that there is no one to listen to their story or hear what they have been through. The decisions they were forced to make and the emotional impact that decision has caused. These experiences while enlisted in combat affected their outlook on them when the decision was made. But it also has changed them now that they have entered or will be entering the civil work sector 

These stories are being collected anonymously.  Write your story in 1st person, from your point of view. Stories will also be accepted from family members explaining how serving in the military changed a loved one. 

The stores are being compiled into a published paperback book  IT IS OUR GOAL TO LET THE WORLD NEVER FORGET YOUR SACRIFICE. The book will be a standard 6" x 9" paperback with full-color cover and black and white interior. We are projecting 275-350 page count . 

What will we need:

Nickname (if desired)

Branch of the Military 

Combat Affiliated 

3-12 typed pages (intense action or light-heart at base experiences)

Be very descriptive, what was the weather like? Were you hot, cold, hungry, in rain etc.  The reader was not there. Write about the conditions, the things you saw, the things you heard and the things you felt. If possible, include a look into your life now. How successful have you entered society? What are some examples of the effects of PTSD on you and the ones around you? 

What we Do Not need:

Your Name

Mission Objectives

Specific Vehicle Identifiers 

Names of fellow soldiers or enemies

If it is easier, submit an audio of your story and we will transcribe into the book.

Please submit all stories to: